Our friends wrote this while we going to meet our daughter!!!

This will be her game day outfit for the 2016 season. Cheering for Kirby Smart and our Ga Bulldogs!!

That's right 11 days to Parenthood. It was 11 days from the first time we heard about Elise coming into this world to the time she was born. We were home with her 2 days after her birth.  

April 2016 will be 3 years ago my wife and I had a miscarriage. We were devastated, but kept hope that we would get pregnant again. Every month was painful, but it just wasn't going to happen. 

Then the fateful day.....after the biggest Powerball in history, we got a call that we won the life lottery. Friends of ours knew a family that was looking to give up a baby for adoption. The mother was very young and the family was not prepared to give this baby the life they wanted her to have. They had heard our story from friends, and had actually been making inquiries about us, without us knowing. That Jan 14, we were contacted and were informed that if we wanted to adopt.... it was going to be sudden. The mother had received news that she was going to be induced the following Sunday. Yes, in 4 days. We immediately went into panic mode, because there was no answer but "Yes". We called a great attorney to help us with the legalities. Then we departed that Sunday morning to go to Atlanta to get our baby girl. 

As can be expected, babies never follow a schedule. We heard from the family about half way to Atlanta that the doctors had decided not to induce. We were in a holding pattern worse than Atlanta traffic. The only thing we knew for sure was that we were not going to leave Atlanta until this baby was here. We had to wait on ultrasounds the following several days. All the while, trying to not go crazy with anxiety and anticipation. Seriously, this was the toughest week of my life and I went through boot camp. Long story a little shorter, we rode that roller coaster all week long. Friday, we got the call that the mothers hands were itching and that it could be a sign that her liver wasn't functioning properly. They were going to begin inducing that night. No sleep again, and no baby. 

Fast forward to the next night. They begin giving petocin and we hear from friends that she will definitely be coming tonight after getting that drug. She was stubborn and apparently just not having it. She was coming on her time. Our beautiful baby Elise Marie Snipes was born the following morning at 11:37 am. Born about 40 hours after they first started inducing. 

 Every thing was so sudden, but there was no doubt or hesitation for us. As we have said in other places on this site. We truly feel that adoption is  such a blessing that needs to be made more readily accessible. I know that there are other families out there that are wanting to expand their family. Adoption and the stigma that is miscarriage and infertility need to be shared to help those in need. We never knew how common these things are in relationships until we started our own ordeal. Some of this has been brought to light recently when Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerburg admitted the struggle he and his wife endured.

We plan to pay it forward through local organizations such as:



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          Eleven Days to Parenthood