Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.

We have been so blessed that I wanted to build this website to share with all our friends and family, the beautiful turn our life has taken.  The adoption of our daughter Elise Marie Snipes. Many of you didn't even know we were considering adoption and that is why I needed to share this story of our miracle. We privately were considering it as an option, but were still holding hope that we would get pregnant. Each month was another dagger in the heart. We couldn't even talk about this as a couple, for the fear that we might cause more pain for the other spouse. Then January 14, the day after the biggest powerball in history. We got a call that we had won the life lottery. We were asked by a family that shared mutual friends with us, to adopt. Our daughter, Elise Marie Snipes, was born Jan 24th. We left the hospital the next day with her, 11 days after we first found out she was even coming into this world. We truly feel that the lord just told us to stop worrying about getting pregnant and start your family, everything else will take care of itself. We got this wonderful gift right before Valentines day, which is my wife's 40th birthday. God is good. 

We'll be sharing our thoughts, feelings and insights as we go through this journey. We still have some paperwork to go through. Our attorney has been wonderful asset during this situation. Please check back regularly for updates on our progress. 

We also hope to raise adoption awareness for all the families and children, looking for someone to love.  I even found out that Bubba Watson has adopted children. I included his video to the right to help raise awareness. 


Eleven Days to Parenthood!